“A Mind Like Mine” -Poem

Can you read my face through blank expressions?

How can I walk in all directions?

The cries, blue skies, eyes see a new nation.

My old universe gave me a new situation.

I am Achilles, thoughts equivalent my heel

Mystical as me what my thoughts reveal.

Long live the sun to let me steal

all the light; But still dark and blind I feel.

Life is like a book that I cannot read;

Like another planet where I cannot breathe.

Still bought this book with curiosity

Just to meet the writer from another city.

The walls stand unmoved, so do I

They block my way, wish I could fly.

Distances make roads like a human makes a lie

Don’t take that path, even immortals die.

Can I reach the day beyond my reach?

Will that morn teach things impossible to teach?

Should never count the stairs when we climb

They keep going, never end till we reach time.

Been stuck in the world, can I get out?

Single mind with infinite doubts.

Maybe I want something which doesn’t exist

My entire life will end making the list.

An unbelievable magic, how far I’ve come

Believably tragic, how weak I’ve become.

The hands that framed me, are in my hands

Like a mirage in the desert sands.

This verse is a curse, the quatrain is a pain

I can see my whole universe drowning in the rain.

Is this a defeat? should I retreat?

Sounds easy being written on a paper sheet.

My heart sees God, but I never do

Is it a dream or a dream that wish I knew?

My life is a window which I can’t see through

but it chose me as its hero… and not you!

Author: avneetsandhu99

I am Avneet Kaur, a college student in Canada. i started my career as a human, 18 years ago on Earth and i am still promotionless . Read my work and know more about me :)

20 thoughts on ““A Mind Like Mine” -Poem”

  1. Wonderful thoughts, beautiful composition “can u read my face, through blank expressions” You ll set A milestone in future. Mark my words, I am saying as I m reading Punjabi literature since 40 years. U r like Jaswant Singh Kanwal.

    Liked by 1 person

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