At the snowy stroke of the white time,

Down under the soft blue blanket of the sky,

The gloves crown the head with woven wool

The hand rubs; opening the door of the eye.


Christmas greets a new year,

as every next day comes near.

The Tweeny, Twinkly, Terrace lights as today bids goodbye.


Drawings of the clouds changing shapes nearby,

The carriages carrying gifts scaring away the lullaby.

The wingless reindeers cannot fly but they try, and

Candies cry as they rain in the hot chocolate pie.


Warm winds blowing a little faster

Salty water soaking the body, sliding in the hair.

Sunglasses and sandals supporting the skin,

and Super Sweet ice cream mixed all there.


Sounds of Summer scream, “sand and streams”.

Fishes drilling hot as they swim, it seems.

Suddenly the sunshine says, “survive my stares.”


The drawings of the clouds disappearing here

Hot guns of monsoon ready to clash with the air.

Short Sundresses and pool parties, everywhere.

Hot and dizzy days are busy demanding clothes to wear.


Be it spring or Autumn,

magic colors the world, top to bottom.

The flowers and the weather talk about’em.

The drawings embrace the blanket wholesome.


The drawings of the clouds, sing so loud.

Heaven waters the earth and rejoices the crowd

of the purple poppies as the thunders shout.

Another time of all, that makes the creator proud.


By Avneet Sandhu 








Author: avneetsandhu99

I am Avneet Kaur, a college student in Canada. i started my career as a human, 18 years ago on Earth and i am still promotionless . Read my work and know more about me :)

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