Horror-night new2

                   HORROR NIGHT

The only noise is the clock on the wall

lonely as darkness, empty as hope is the hall.

New Dwelling in an isolated town,

billions of solitary stars see clouds as they look down.

Deafening Shouts but no one hears,

Still some presence that everyone fears.

Squeezed in the blanket, shivering in the bed

cruel light cut turned the black night; red.

The wind watching me, tries to talk,

as the running rain, roughly starts to walk.

Ears crying to unhear the untold;

mysteries; stories that this haunted house holds.

Felt a touch on my back as my thoughts got cold,

illusions in my eyes as the whole room rolled.

sell me some heartbeats, some courage can I borrow?

one second, two seconds; how far is tomorrow?

goosebumps in my brain, oh no! is the window open?

The cursed corpse of the child with an eye broken,

Still roams in homes unseen and unspoken.


Decades before me, the kid became a ghost,

the death, the dread, he loathed the most.

Same room, same house, the place of the kill;

same walls to witness what happened and what will.

With a grin on the face and scar on the forehead,

in the weak black world, still walks the child; dead.


oh, my thoughts! what was that sound?

it’s him, it’s him, it’s him or some mouse unfound.

Phew, I know spirits don’t exist.

nor does the paranormal, the graves or the exorcist.

Lost in time, I got up and screamed.

in the deeps of the lightless air, a dim light gleamed.

My breaths ran away, and I got weak;

sweats and shivers start to invite the freak.

Frozen and dizzy, my body couldn’t act.

Lightning blazes loudly and another beat subtracts.


I ran to reach mother, but the door slammed shut,

I stood struck, watching ……. logic shouted, “what?”

The curtains whipped and soon I was floored,

Ears refused to believe the noises of the Ouija board.

The coin should not move and this I know.

Why is the signal YES, not NO?

My soul almost leaves as my skin almost erased.

“Soul, you cannot go, I know, you are caged”.

Staring at the board, it showed some letters named,

it was a ghost talking, my thoughts couldn’t be blamed.

Feel the hate and squeals of the ghost in black,

pale yellow face and expressions were a lack.

Silence was shouting and noises restrained,

My fear and life, now feel chained.

A shock said, “look around, do you hear that sound?”

My friend lamp shined like a star on the ground.

Oh god gracious, the electricity is home,

now, my eyes scared away the blind syndrome.


The visible evil, now disappeared. what a relief!

But the grief was in my blood, I believe.

Ergo, the vision of those turned feet was never going to leave.


Crystal balls and doubts burst in my head,

Oh god seriously, I was nothing less than dead.

Dark demons make roads those lead to pain,

a moonless night and it was dark again.

Aaaah, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot on the deep,

The sun gave me life as it killed my sleep.


Pain attacked with an army of thousand thoughts,

I need some air, tell me what it costs.

“what happened last night?”, asked my sight.

Everything was bright and hidden was the fright.

I rushed downstairs and found my family in dining chairs.

Still seeking the scares but let’s eat, “who cares?”

That passing year, left behind the fear,

that memory is a fade and a blur so clear.

It rains tears as the clouds never disappear,

they mourn the life, black all day they wear.

The killer follows me, but his presence I follow.

The stories he carries are hard to swallow.

In the shine of the dark, my eyes see eyes,

blood on the walls and a dead soul in disguise.

Under the shade of the sky, near a river so fine,

is myself looking at the dull water shine.

That’s when I see a face, a face not mine.

The river starts to bleed, the sunlight is dead.

The red teeth tear my hope, that’s when I fall from the bed.

The ghost lives in my dreams of wax, every emotion he melts,

To make me feel the feeling he felt.

Am I behind his gate of sorrow; locked and closed?

After all, ghost is a human and human is a ghost.

Is a dead ghost more alive than supposed?

Does an invisible life in open air suffocates the most?

Does he share his hurt or on me its imposed?

“some secrets are better unexposed”.

By Avneet Sandhu